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Burger Shot Interior by GTA-IVplayer Burger Shot Interior by GTA-IVplayer
Although it could be argued that most Burger Shots are outfitted almost as if they are rolled out on an assembly line, you do from time to time find one whose interior is subtly different to that of any of the others you may well have visited. In fact, there is a small but dedicated group of fast-food geeks who have made it their life's pursuit to spend hours just standing around inside various branches of Burger Shot attempting to find those small differences.

Known as 'Burgees' these sad people are easy to spot, having enjoyed Burger Shot's products over a considerable period of time they are often of considerable size and weight and have a skin that only a dermatologist could love.

This interior shot was photographed at the Burger Shot at Beechwood City and shows the serving counter with a selection of the orders available.

(C) Copyright Rockstar Games. The images presented here are taken from Grand Theft Auto IV and generated from live in-game footage exclusively for educational purposes and as such remain the intellectual property of Rockstar Games. You may not re-use or re-post them as your own work and if utilized in a review or any other non-profit purpose, please give credit to this page as the source of said images.
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